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Thread: Where do you hire workers?

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    Hire worker online

    oDesk is comparatively good to hire good worker with much lower payment. You may have to spend just US$5-10 for the work that would cost you $15-30 with vWorker or Elance or PPH or GAF. Though, every online working platforms has hourly contract also. But, you would not choose that for all of your need. Because, it'll cost you more than that of fixed budget.

    Fiverr is also doing well for some low budgeted job. But I personally don't like this platform.

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    Here are the ways to find employees they shared.
    Contact Mutual Connections.
    Incentivize Current Employees to Refer New Talent.
    Look Beyond Your Location.
    Ask Employees to Share on Social Media.
    Be Visible Where Your Candidates Are.
    Use Social Media to Target Passive Candidates.
    Connect With Local Colleges & Professors.

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