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Quick Cold Calling Question

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Thread: Quick Cold Calling Question

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    Quick Cold Calling Question

    Hey guys!

    I'm just writing a new Script for Cold calling.
    I tested them bouth with 10-20 calls but I'm not sure..

    My Script at the Moment

    Good morning ______, I wonder if you could help me. My Name is ABC and i work for DEF. We can see here on our screen that you dont use this Service yet, and we wonder why thats the case?
    - Thats not what i am saying obviously but thats the basically the content.

    Opposed to just the offer

    I try to engange the person on the phone.

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    Great, Go ahead with this script.

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    Here are six cold-calling suggestions based on a conversation with Tom Black, author of The Boxcar Millionaire.
    Focus on the purpose. ...
    Use a brief sales script. ...
    Only call decision-makers. ...
    Only call potentially big buyers. ...
    Call more referral accounts. ...
    Agree to a time that works for the prospect.

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