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Thread: UK Gambling list swap

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    UK Gambling list swap

    Hi there,

    Anyone fancy doing a list swap in the gambling niche?

    I have a few gambling lists.

    The one I would be interesting in doing the swap on has 8000 on it.

    It is mostly UK based gamblers interested in horse racing. Mainly betting exchanges.

    Anyone with a similar sized list want to do a swap?


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    gambling machines drug dealers launder money ... casino games in the high street proved irresistible: there are now 33,345 FOBTs in the UK. .... We swap tips – where to go, least crowded, staff not bothered, that sort of thing.

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    Good idea! It is the best time to found your own casino. I think it would be better to start a bitcoin one. It is very popular now and certainly will attract hundreds of players. People like playing dice so start with it. Sending all of my luck to you!

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