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The SOAP Extension

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Thread: The SOAP Extension

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    The SOAP Extension

    You may think that the SOAP extension is best left to the large shops doing enterprise programming—well, think again. Although the “simple” in SOAP
    is not quite as simple as the “simple” in SimpleXML, the PHP implementation of SOAP is not difficult to use, at least where the SOAP client is concerned.
    Other objects associated with the SOAP protocol—the SOAP server in particular— are more challenging. However, once you understand how to use a
    SOAP client, you won’t find implementing the server intimidating.

    In cases where a WSDL file exists—and that is the case with the Google API—we don’t really need to know much about a SOAP client beyond how to construct one because the SOAP protocol is a way of executing remote procedure calls using a locally created object. For this reason, knowing the methods
    of the service we are using is paramount.

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    Soap extension is a mechanism provided by ASP.NET to customize the SOAP message received and sent out. There are four points in the whole message handling process of a called web method that we may want to costomize the SOAP message,

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