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Thread: Cloud recovery?

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    Cloud recovery?

    Hello, guys do you ever faced any disaster related problem in cloud? If you do what you did for the recovery of your data?

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    Yes few months back I faced this type of issue and I lost my data that time. But now I use disaster recovery cloud software and it help me from all kind of problems and I never loose any data.

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    and respectable must own a disaster recovery plan. A cloud service of this sort is essential and necessary in order to avoid natural disasters or hacks, and anything that could harm your data and for that, your whole business. You might wanna check out Cloud Endure, they support all types of applications and that's a big pro!

    On the other hand, these services do support Linux and Windows only, and sometimes, depending on plan, may get a little pricy. Overall, I highly recommend this type of service, despite the price.

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